Very large

Chief Director

25 000 rubles

Directs the artistic staff, working to create new performances and restore previously created, following established time frame, takes the creative work on the job administration puppet theatre, and respects the chain of command, not in conflict with the staff and administration of the theatre, is constantly evolving in the works, has a good neck thinking and modern approach to the work. Work experience is an advantage.



Main artist

20 000 rubles

He directs the artistic staff, develops the principlesof art-stagesolution play sand other stage performances of puppet theatre, following established time frame, keeps the chain of command, not in conflict with the staff and administration of the theatre, is engaged in self-development and contributes to the professional growth of employees of artisticproduction. Work experience is an advantage.



Artist (puppeteer)

12 000rubles

Technique of kuklovozhdenie, stageskills, a variety of means of expression, flexibility and musicality to accomplish executable roles, under the supervision of the director prepares and executesthe performances obtained roles, stores and maintain physical shape. 

If the vacancyis consideringthe girl, itis desirable to have a pretty appearance and miniature figure for the further performance of the role of the snow maiden.