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Rules of conduct in the theatre
  • In the theatre come in time. To meet you prepared actors and musicians, stagehands and illuminators. All these people made sure that you didn't have to wait for the start of the performance. You must also respect and spectators who came on time.


  • The mirror in the wardrobe, you can only correct the hair. Hair, podkashivatsya and to tie a tie can only be in the toilet.


  • In wardrobe and give your coat to the cloakroom, throwing him through the barrier.


  • Don't forget to check in advance was cut out if the hanger for your coat, not to be ashamed in front of others for their sloppiness.


  • If you come to the theatre with a big bag or package, denounce them in the closet.


  • Way to my place, go along the rows of chairs face to a seated audience. If you have come to the girl, miss her forward.


  • If you already took his seat in the auditorium, and pass you by viewers on their seats, be sure to stand up and give them the road.


  • Sit down at the place indicated in your ticket. If your place has turned out to be busy and not want to liberate, not to join the debate - ask the usher to settle this misunderstanding.


  • Sitting in a chair, not put hands on both armrests.


  • During the performance, don't talk - experiences to share during intermission. Do not allow yourself to rustling candy wrappers, twirl in the hands of a number of wardrobe.


  • During the intermission, don't rush to the bar, pushing people around. If you gave money to cakes, as you come to the theatre with friends, invite them to the snack bar and buy.


  • Do not get up from his seat, until the performance - do not disturb other spectators.


  • Don't hurry in closet for outerwear, as if you didn't like the show and you want to flee back home. Whatever was going after the performance the audience in the locker room, everyone is able to dress for 10-15 minutes.