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Сost of tickets and the seating in the hall you can find in the section "tickets"

Our address:Krasnoyarsk region, Zheleznogorsk, Sverdlova street, 52

Tickets can be purchased at the box officeof our theatreaddress:Krasnoyarsk region, Zheleznogorsk, Sverdlova street, 52

Contact phone:8 (3919) 75 44 92

Yes, you can! Preferably at least a day.

We offerto come15 minutesbefore the show!Haven'tworth it,becausechildren are verytired ofwaiting. This is enough timeto changeand changeto goin the gameand wait forthe start of the performance. ThenYoumove into the hall, wherewatch the performance, which lasts40-45 minutes.

All performanceshavea duration of30-45 minutes. This is the best timefor kids.

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