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In 1984, for the first time in its history, "Golden Key" goes to the All-Russian level and making his first trip outside the closed city. On I zonal Puppet Festival in Chelyabinsk-65 Zheleznogorsky theater was awarded the diploma of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation for the play "Sparrow Pasha" (directed by Nicholas Tikhonyuk artist Vladimir Kostyuchenko, composer Valery Rodygin).

In 1986, the "Golden Key" at the II Festival of Puppet Theatres of Siberia and the Far East play "to say the least" (directed by Alexander Ivanov, production designer Hope Sychev, composer - a graduate of the Gorky Conservatory Evgenij Kozlov) to critical acclaim, and the theatrical group called "intelligent, with great artistic taste."

In September 1990, the "Golden Key" shown at the II zonal Puppet Festival in Tomsk two performances - "Snow Flower" and "to say the least." Marx Koifman and Tatiana Kislov was praised by critics and festival participants, actress Irina Taradymenko role for Hedgehog was awarded a diploma and a cash prize, and Sergei Prokopenko for her role as a snub from the play, "said softly," was awarded a special prize.

In 1993, "The Golden Key" was presented at the festival of chamber theater "Snail" Penza play "Vanya Danish" based on the story of Boris Shergina directed by actress Olga Watchdog and artist Tatiana Kislova. Performance recognized as the best out there, and a year later at the III Festival of Puppet Theatres Ural zone in Ekaterinburg. Storozheva Olga, Irina and Vasily Taradymenko Hodakov festival received a diploma of I degree and a special prize.

In 1994, Tamara Kuhlevskoy was awarded the title "Honored Artist of the Russian Federation."

In 1998, in Sarov at the III zonal festival "Puppet kingdom in Sarov state" for the play "Gypsy with a bear wandered" "Golden Key" graduated "for involving the audience in the theater of action." Diploma for scenography and puppets honored artist Tatiana Kislov. In 1999, the first annual regional festival "Theatre Spring" theater won the main prize. Crystal mask jury awarded the play "White steppes daughter" as the best puppetry festival director Eugene Permyakov.

In 1999, the "Golden Key" one of the first joined the Association, the union of puppet theaters Siberian region within the Interregional Association "Siberian Agreement", at that time in the Partnership was only 7 Siberian theaters (today Puppet Theatre 17).

In 2000, Barnaul I regional festival Siberian Agreement "puppet theater in the XXI Century" by Yevgeny Permjakova and Tatiana Kislova "Legend of the Castle Lebedintsev" received critical acclaim and colleagues. Actress Irina Taradymenko for his role Fimushka awarded a cash prize and a diploma "For Best Actress, and respect for the doll." Later, for the same work actress was awarded another degree - "Best role in puppet theater at the end of the season."

In 2001 in Omsk Puppet Festival of Siberia and the Far East "Golden Key" exports play "Treasure" on the play of Plautus, delivered in 2000 by Yuri Friedman. The theater received a diploma of the winner of the festival, the actress Love Baltina awarded for Best Supporting Actress for her midwife. In the same year the play "Love Prince" directed by Vladimir Gusarov team won the contest "Results of the season" in the nomination "The utmost professionalism in technical support of the play."

In 2002 the theater was awarded the II regional festival of puppet theaters in Siberia, which took place in Novokuznetsk. Team was the play of Vladimir Popov "We'll play Little Red Riding Hood" based on Victor Busarenko. In the same year the actor Sergei Stepanovich Prokopenko receives from the Ministry of Culture honorary medal "For achievements in culture."

From 2002 to 2005, the festival has expanded the geography of the theater to the international level. So in 2003, at the International Festival "KUKART-VI» in St. Petersburg theater received the diploma of the winner of the play Yuri Samoilov "Petrushka, and The Adventures of Peter Ivanovich Uksusova." In 2004, the International Festival "Malachite Box" or "Parsley great" in Ekaterinburg brings a certificate of participation for the play Dzyunzi Kinoshita "Cranes feathers" (directed by Boris Hodyrev artist Victor sensitively) .In 2004. Puppet Theatre "Golden Key" for the first time had the good fortune to go abroad within the program "SisterCities" («Twin Cities"), USA, Tennessee, Blount County. Actors Theater showed 17 performances of "Let's play in the Little Red Riding Hood" and "Kroshechka - Havroshechka" about 7tys. American viewers watched the Russian puppet art.

In 2006, the theater collects one award after another. Six degrees and five Crystal masks at the festival "Krasnoyarsk - theater capital of the region" receives performance "Aladdin's Magic Lamp" directed by Marx Coifman and Tatiana Kislova. Crystal mask for their roles get Tamara Kuhlevskaya Olga Storozheva, Sergei Prokopenko, Love Baltina. Award for scenography gets art director Tatiana Alexandrovna Kislova. In September 2006, at the interregional festival III Omsk actor Sergei Prokopenko and production designer Tatiana Kislov, awarded diplomas "For service to the theater" and letters of thanks from the Association, Association of Puppet Theatres Siberian region within the framework of AMIS. In 2006, Sergei Stepanovich Prokopenko awarded the title "Honored Artist of Russia."

Since 2006, the Puppet Theatre "Golden Key" actively began to participate in grant programs, and for the first time received grant Municipal Administration ZATO Zheleznogorsk within the contest of social projects for the implementation of the project "Professional art of puppet theater - golden keys for development and support of creative youth of the city"

In March 2007, the theater received a crystal mask regional festival "Theatre Spring" in the category "Best Actor in a puppet show" award handed Basil Hodakova for his role in the play Rogue "Upside Down" Xenia Dragoon. In the same year was awarded the title "Honored Artist of Russia" artist (puppeteer), the leading master of the stage Olga G. Watchdog.

In April 2008, at the festival "Theatre Capital Territory" Puppet Theatre "Golden Key" won three Crystal mask. "The best acting duo" won Vasily Hodakov and Olga Storozheva who performed several roles in the play "Where the swallows fly away" by Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale "Thumbelina" (directed by Boris Hodyrev) mask for Best Actor in a puppet theater was awarded for his role Irina Taradymenko Juliette de M`Arni staged "Scream sea gull, repeated three times," the novel by English writer Emma Orci "Revenge and Love" (directed by Yuri Friedman).

In June 2008, the play "The Music Mansion" staged by Igor Shishkin, was the best in the Siberian II Puppet Carnival in Krasnoyarsk. In the same year the theater showed two performances of "Petrushka or the Adventures of Peter Ivanovich Uksusova" director Yuri Samoilovna X World Festival of Children's Theatre in Moscow, organized by the International Amateur Theatre Association of UNESCO (Aitana) and the Union of theatrical figures of the Russian Federation.

In 2008, a grant for the project "Theatre and Children" in the framework of the Krasnoyarsk Territory "Social Partnership for Development".

In February 2009, the Puppet Theatre "Golden Key" took part in the Siberian forum theater in Novosibirsk, who conducted the Theatre Union of Russia. A month later, the puppeteers were at the IV inter-regional festival of the Association, Association of Puppet Theatres Siberian region within the framework of AMIS, dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the Fraternal Puppet Theatre "Tirlyamy" Bratsk. During the performance of "fairy tales on the bench," directed by Eugene Permjakova, theater received a diploma of the winner in the category "Professional Audience Award." After a few months the theater again receives prizes: "Theatre Spring" in 2009 brings Crystal Mask theater actor Tatiana Frolova, Vasily and Irina Hodakova Taradymenko as the best ensemble cast in the play "fairy tales on the bench." In the same year, Vasily Hodakova awarded the title "Honored Artist of the Russian Federation."

November 17, 2009 Puppet Theatre "Golden Key" became a member of the International Union of puppet theater UNIMA (Union International de Marionettes). UNIMA (UNIMA) - this is the first public international organization in the history of the theater community. It operates under the auspices of UNESCO for more than 90 years. For the "golden key" realized an old dream to become a part of the global community of puppeteers, and entry into the alliance was recognition of the achievements of the theater at the international level.

In 2009 obtained: Grant Union of Theatre Workers of the Russian Federation in the framework of the state and public support of the theater for children and adolescents under the patronage of the President of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, to stage performances and a grant of the Federal Agency for Culture and Cinematography of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation as part of the contest to support young directors to stage the play.

In February 2010, the premiere of performance on Vladislav Krapivin "Poplar shirt", directed by Peter Zubarev. This performance was another formulation in the repertoire, addressed to adolescents and youth. At the regional festival "Theatre Spring" Crystal Mask in the category "Best Ensemble" were Tamara Kuhlevskaya, Storozheva Olga, Irina Taradymenko. In the same year "The Golden Key" had a V Interregional Partnership Puppet Festival of Puppet Theatres, combining the Siberian region within the Interregional Association "Siberian Agreement". The festival dedicated to two anniversaries - the 45th anniversary of the theater and the 60th anniversary of Zheleznogorsk. In the closed city of Barnaul attended theaters, Bratsk, Irkutsk, Kalachinsk, Kemerovo, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Tomsk, Tyumen, and Ulan-Ude.

In 2010 obtained: a grant for the implementation of socio-cultural project "Journey to the behind the scenes", through a competitive selection by the Ministry of Culture of the Krasnoyarsk Territory and the grant of the State Corporation "Rosatom" in the contest of socially significant initiatives for the manufacture of the material to the performance of the Closed Ecology.

In 2011, the theater hosted the amateur puppet theater from the German city of Bremen «Theater62Bremen» under the direction of Michael and Karin Wentz. The meeting was held within the framework of the International Project "Russian-German children's and youth theater of the week." In the same year the theater and he visited Germany at the XV International Festival of Puppet Theatre in Lingen. A small town a few days turned into a farce, "The place of total theater" was the urban marketplace. Theater companies from Germany, the Netherlands, the UK acted circus tents. Each team played performances in their native language. Russian puppet art Zheleznogorsky Theatre presented "tale on the bench" and "Petrushka or adventure Pyotr Uksusova."

In 2011, obtained: a grant for the project "Closed area, open Siberian region!" In the framework of participation of the federal target program "Culture of Russia" to support touring theaters and theater organizations in the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Culture grant in the category "Support young directing "to stage the play.

In 2012, the Puppet Theatre "Golden Key" enter into the composition of the non-profit partnership Professional Guild to support the theater management in the legal, social and educational development "Club theater director."

In 2012, a grant of the Ministry of Culture of the Krasnoyarsk Territory on the implementation of socio-cultural project "Journey to the" Land of Compassion "" aimed at providing access to the cultural life of the Closed Zheleznogorsk children of preschool and school age living in the nearby villages and villages, as well as children with disabilities and are in a difficult situation.

In 2013, at the edges of the festival "Theatre Spring" theater received a diploma in the nomination "The best season premiere" of the play "Little Illimar" director Rein Agur (Estonia), the award "Crystal Mask" and diploma "For participation in the festival."

In 2013, the theater Zheleznogorsky wins in several competitions Rosatom State Corporation. At III theatrical competition "Territory of Culture Rosatom" "Golden Key" with the play "The ship-cloud" received a diploma in the nomination "Best set designer." Together with this award and the theater was awarded a certificate for 200 thousand rubles. And in the contest "Best Cultural Institution cities CATF" theater was awarded the diploma of I degree in the category "Theatre" and a certificate for 300 thousand rubles.

In the same year the theater receives Diploma festival "All dolls are our guests" Krasnoyarsk in the category "Best Performance for Children" for the play "The ship-cloud" (director Yuri Utkin). Diploma of the winner of the contest theater and folk ensembles "Nature. Culture. Ecology »XI International Children's Environmental Forum" Green Planet 2013 ", dedicated to the Year of the Environment with the play" The Return "(directed by Erdene Zhaltsanov).

And also in 2013. artists, puppeteers Puppet Theatre "Golden Key" T.Frolova, Nikolayev and Artist Studio "Magician" Theater and creative center "Golden Key" in conjunction with the theatrical studio "Reflection" Krasnoyarsk high school number 15 played at venues in the city of Bremen (Germany) with play "Wonderland," which was staged studio teacher "Harlequin" T.Frolovoy. Displaying 6 performances for more than 500 spectators, and held three workshops. By results, it was decided to continue further cooperation.

In 2013 obtained: Grant of Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation in the framework of the federal target program "Culture of Russia" on the creation of a website MBUK Puppet Theatre "The Golden Key", grant of the Ministry of Culture of the Krasnoyarsk Territory for the project "Back to basics", in which was put the performance "Three Bears", based on Russian folk traditions, Grant Administration Zheleznogorsk and ISU Youth Center for the project "Be good!", a grant of state corporation "Rosatom" in the framework of the "Territory of Culture Rosatom", which was later used to purchase of equipment for the project "Back to basics"

In 2014, in the theater competition of professional and amateur groups the Closed state corporation "Rosatom" received a diploma in the nomination "The best performance of the puppet theater" and a certificate for 200 thousand. Rub. for the play "Three Bears", dir. D. Sarvina.