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CLOSING OF THE WEEK "Theater for children and youth"


Puppet Theatre "Golden Key" invites!

November 16

CLOSING OF THE WEEK "theater for children and youth"

Before the performance the children and their parents to participate

representation in the game "Bear Corner"

Leo Tolstoy

insts. Victoria Sarvina

"Three Bears"

(fairy tale in the 1st action for children from 3 years)

Director - Dmitry Sarvina (Saint-Petersburg)

Production Designer - Dmitry Sarvina (Saint-Petersburg)

Composer - Dmitry Saratsky (Kiev)

Multiplier - Viktor Sokolov (St. Petersburg)

Premiered on: December 21, 2013

Duration: 35 min.

The play begins with the fact that Mary ran away from bears and made it safely home. But at heart she did not calm her tormented conscience for misconduct. Firstly, went away from home, and secondly, the demand has gone without housebreaking and built there an awful mess, ate all of the cups, broken chairs, smashed a cup, squeezed the bed, and finally ran away without even trying explain and apologize to the bears. Masha takes important, difficult for her, but nevertheless the right decision to return to the home to bears and try to correct what he had done.

Child ticket price - 120 rubles., The price per adult - 140 rubles.

Inquiries and booking by phone: 75-44-92, 75-34-94