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"Fairy tales on the bench" (based on fairy tales "Seven Little Kids", "turnip", "pot PAP")


Puppet Theatre "Golden Key"!


November 30, 2014!

at 10:30, 12:30 and 16:00

Eugene Permiakov

"Fairy tales on the bench"

(based on fairy tales "Seven Little Kids", "turnip", "pot of porridge")

tale-game for children from 3 years

For staging of the play texts used Russian folk tales: "How goat house built", "turnip", "The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids," "The Crow and the apples," as well as the Brothers Grimm fairy tale "pot of porridge."

Director - Eugene Permiakov

Art director - Svetlana Vasileva

Composer - Oksana Kachalova

Premiered on: September 28, 2008

Duration: 45 min.

Evening on the green meadow ...

Came out a couple of friends ....

Spun in the dance ...

In the garden, whether in the garden ...

And we sit on the lawn!

Pobrenchim balalaika!

It's saying, but the usual tale goes! .. Yes, not one, but a merry dance with fairy tales, rhymes and limericks!

And so ... Once upon a grandfather ... yes yes baba-old woman Govorukha neighborhood. And they loved to sing songs, but tales to tell. About how the goat house built and saved their detushek-kozlyatushek from unscrupulous wolf as strange forces pulled mouse enormous turnip, greed ruined crow silly, and one small pot fed the entire village prevkusnoy porridge!

Inquiries and booking by phone: 75-44-92, 75-34-94

Child ticket price - 120 rubles., The price per adult - 140 rubles.


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