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CAUTION COMPETITION FOR PROJECTS design of the central and service porch TETRA - "Golden Key IN A NEW LIGHT"


Dear zheloznogortsy! Puppet Theatre "The Golden Key" and "Children's Art School" announces the launch of the Call for Proposals for the design center and the service porch tetra - "The Golden Key in a new light." The contest was organized: City Art School and the theater itself. The main objectives pursued by the organizers: combine creative efforts Zheleznogorskaya youth around a single project and to involve the younger generation in practical environmental improvement.

In developing sketches specify how the organizers is important to consider not only the size of the porch and its architectural features, but also pay attention to color, which should match the mood of children's theater.

The contest will run until May 20, 2015. Your work is ready to accept at MBOU DOD "Children's Art School", ul. School, 18, methodical study. Clarify the information you need, you can call: 72-56-46.

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